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Kerri Babbington
Supporting the most marginalised groups to find Freedom

Video content:
The vulnerable in any society are dramatically impacted in times like these. The opportunities to find freedom away from violence and abuse are severely diminished. Kerri speaks from her first-hand experience working with one of the most vulnerable populations in the world. Indigenous Women and Children in West Australia.

Aline Boundy
Become responsible for yourself

Video content:
Our habits and addictions in our responses to our environment, lead us to a spiral of powerlessness. In this powerlessness we sit paralysed by fear. The addiction to fear is just like any other addiction. We can choose every day to take back our personal power through a connection to a higher force that brings liberation from the addiction itself. Aline compares the process of the 12 steps with the way forward available to us all.

Jill Carnduff
Deeply passionate about your purpose in life

Video content:
The Soul demands experience so that learning can occur. This allows us to find our way to back to source. The experiences of life aren’t random in this context. The scale is so huge that for us it seems we are repeating the same things over an over, however on the scale of the universe it is really that we are just cementing the lesson.

John Dawson
Developing more effective and considerate relationships – with self and others

Video content:
John explores the ways in which modern business is enhanced when people within the business are prepared to work on themselves. He exposes the limiting myths of business in 2020 in a down to earth and practical way that gives tremendous hope in a way forward to a completely evolved business approach, one where everyone for themselves, and naturally collaborates from this place of strength.

Jeannine Dawson
Clinical Hypnotherapy and EFT

Video content:
Jeannine takes us through the techniques of EFT tapping, and Self Hypnosis to show us how to firstly love and accept ourselves as we are, and then through the techniques to arrive at a place where strong emotions no longer prevent us from experiencing peace. Relax and Get back into the Healing Room.

Neil Dougan
Consciousness of a virus

Video content:
Neil is gnostic in terms of his understanding of how Humans interact with the Environment. Working with the Information Field, he is communicating mentally with all kinds of beings, all over the world on a daily basis. Over the many years and in many different countries he has observed time and again that communication can be perfectly carried out without talking. His abilities to communicate are not limited to humans or animals. He also talks with plants, minerals and microbes, including the corona virus.

Nat Ferrier
Virus! – A Shamanic view

Video content:
A shaman talks about the fear of the virus and how this fear is a symptom of the fear of the environment generally. She exposes what this fear is doing to our bodies, and how it throws us completely out of sync and balance with our purpose in life.

Lynette Favell
Better Health through listening

Video content:
The role of a carer in Dementia care is completely misunderstood. To be successful you need to have an intuitive approach combined with love. Lynnette talks potently about how intuition has allowed her to allow beautiful opportunities for her patients.

Justin Damian Furness
Lifeprint. Insights for times of stress.

Video content:
Justin Furness a South African born Journier now living and teaching in Switzerland, shows us how the questions that spring from a place of confusion can lead you to create your own pathways towards enlightenment. Justin outlines how the tools that he developed to make sense of his own confusion are helping people all around the world to find themselves.

Barbara Hames
Ageless body. Ageless life. Become an inspiration

Video content:
Barbara takes us through her journey from England to Bali and how her own evolutionary process has intersected with another far different culture and how this has informed the Teaching and Healing work she does. Barbara explains why the Balinese are experiencing the Pandemic in a totally different way to the people of the West, and offers us clues on how we too, can learn and change.

Laura Hames Franklin
Finding joy in an increasingly chaotic world

Video content:
Taking the opportunity to find yourselves in a time where the parent figure of our medical system is saying to us “We have no cure” the opportunity is now with us to go within to establish connections and from there to move out to the community and the environment.

Joëlle Hervic
The link between individual and planetary health

Video content:
Joëlle makes a powerful and passionate case that the Covid-19 pandemic provides us with a unique opportunity to reset, restore and reorient our human world to being in sync with nature – not at war. The virus is a warning from the natural world that our actions are destroying us and nature. She reminds us that we cannot survive without a healthy planet, which is a living, interdependent entity. Every second breath is from the oceans. Every mouthful of the food we eat is from nature.

Wendy Howard
Seeds, soul and soil – The roots of our global crisis

Video content:
Wendy Howard a specialist on homeopathy and permaculture runs a project in a deserted area in Portugal. She talks about her life, her way into permaculture as the natural solution and what she thinks on the corona crises. Her message is that we need to stop, shift, go inside and realize that how we look at things is already part of the insanity. She looks at herself as a cell in the body of the earth and that there is system intelligence that you just have to connect to and then you will experience serendipity and find all the knowledge you need. We can always open the door to miracles they will come. We just need to be open to a higher plan and a system intelligence.

Marie-Anne Kannengiesser
Becoming Self Responsible

Video content:
German born Marie-Anne discusses her view of what she describes as the rapid loss of democracy and the formation of a global totalitarian system. She speaks from her home in Greece about the opportunities to select another possibility. One based on freedom, self-responsibility, and care for a community.

Dr. Madan Kataria
Laughter Yoga Movement

Video content:
Suffering from stress MD Madan Kataria tried to get relief by laughing. So, he started to engage people in laughing founding a laughter club and meet in a park each day. First the laughter club started with telling jokes, but after a few weeks they ran out of good jokes and he had to try something different. Therefore, he started a group for laughing without any reason. This was the beginning of Laughter Yoga. During his work as MD Madan Kataria fell sick with flu for about five to six times a year. Since practicing laughter yoga, he never had a flu again for the last 25 years. Laughing is one of the easiest ways to stimulate the immune system and to do cardiovascular exercise. When you laugh you are creating healthy vibrations in almost every cell of your body by the stimulation of the parasympathetic nervous system. Laughter Yoga is scientifically proofed to relief stress symptoms and other negative influences on the sympathetic nervous system of the body.

Sabine Lichtenfels
System change from Fear to Trust

Video content:
1978 Sabine Lichtenfels met the cofounder of Tamera, Dr. Dieter Duhm. The idea was to build a free university for a peace culture. Tamera started 1981 with 12 participants, now they care for 140 ha of land and count more than 200 people. Cooperation with nature, water retention systems, forming the landscape and cope with the desertification was a big task. The Tamera community focuses on solving this social question: what is necessary to leave a society that is led by mistrust and come to trust and peace in a community. The founders of Tamera always knew that sooner or later our society was to collapse and that there was a need to realize a culture of cooperation instead of a culture of domination. Self-reliant communities are like tribes they always will survive. Now it is all about connecting these communities.”

Ross Mars
A permaculture perspective of the impact of Covid19

Video content:
Permaculture allows you to become self-responsible at the same time as you become more connected to your community and the environment. Ross shows the way the environment is connected to you, and what you can do to look after both.

Helen McCarthy
Immune Stimulation. Techniques to keep your immunity high

Video content:
Cell by Cell we can fortify ourselves, become more perfect and better able to integrate with our Environment. Helen takes us on a journey where her Cancer induced paraplegia was turned around completely. She guides us in how we can achieve perfect health for ourselves.

Jacqui McIntyre
Deciphering your personal truth through all the noise

Video content:
Jac leads us through the steps to be able to gain certainty around what it is we sense inside ourselves and also what is going on around us. The creation of safe boundaries, and how to use these boundaries as a tool for proceeding on what she terms “The return journey to self”. Jac describes issues which are right outside of her own boundaries which have impact right now, and offers her view of a series of healthy alternatives.

Christine Morrison
Returning to the Wisdom of your Heart through Music and Sound

Video content:
Through Sound Christine shows how firstly she healed herself and then latterly many others. She demonstrates how channelled sound can effectively be used as a mechanism for the easing of struggle in the important transitions in life including Birth Death and Illness.

Auntie Mulara
Let’s work together, for a shared future

Video content:
Now is the time of change. The old song-lines are past. The connections of the new song-lines remain to the earth and the spirits but the songs of our generations to come are new. These new songs are songs of community and care for the earth and care for all living things. Take the opportunity presented now to find your songlines, to be now the ancestor who in seven generations time will be looked back to. Take action.

Mark O’Brien
Environmental and Human Activist talks Harmony

Video content:
You can’t put a price on the sacred. Our earth is our sacred trust. We need to develop self-awareness, and through this we can then begin a journey to find harmony between all peoples of the world and with the earth herself, and for this harmony to then flow to our wider environment.

Zachuas Ogonji
Living your Values despite the pressure of COVID-19

Video content:
31 years old Director Zachuas Ogonji runs community schools and cares for more than 1000 children who would not get education because the parents cannot pay the school fees or the children are orphaned. Currently the schools in Kenya are closed as the Government chooses safety over education and if schools will be reopened next months it is only for the final classes. Government actions are not sufficient as sending the children home without caring for the family’s expanses increases suffering tremendously. Zachuas initiated 3 programs during the crisis: teachers on bike, food for families and psycho-social support for families. For all of that he depends on sponsors and donations, but the resources are never enough as more and more people are in trouble to survive the crisis. Still COVID-19 is a good opportunity to question oneself and evolve.

Erena Oliver
Breaking the Cycle of toxic relationships

Video content:
Our immune system and our happiness are completely linked. When we are happy in ourselves, we are happy in our relationships, and our body reflects this by having a balanced response to viruses and other microbes. We can choose to have the psychology that promotes wellness.

Cathy Ormon
Harness the Power of Nutrition

Video content:
Refined foods and modern farming practices, have left us with nutrition that does not support the needs of our bodies. Lowering of immune function naturally follows from the modern diet. Cathy a Canadian Thought Leader, Author and Pod Caster, takes us through steps to reversing this trend of the past 100 years.

Hori Paora
Heart based business

Video content:
Being extremely successful in a business can lead you to believe there is no other way and path for us. What happens when the success was based on something that no longer serves? Hori explains how he is moving away from the past patterns and find his heart.

Brigette Patton
Trusting in Spirit and removing the need for control

Video content:
In this interview Marie-Anne, Brigette and Neil discuss the nuts and bolts of finding great people and then allowing the forming and thriving of communities. The issues of Trust, and having every voice be welcome at the table are discussed in detail. The parting wisdom is to get started – have a go!

Storme Reeves
Wellness resonance through sound

Video content:
In this time the fear and panic affect each of us. Storme speaks about the effect on the individual, and how it is forcing separation. She provides practical guidance from the perspective of someone wanting to wake up and allow opportunities for connection with strangers amidst the social distancing.

Dr. Don Ka’imi Pilipovich
Disease stems from separation

Video content:
How to strengthen the immune system by shifting beliefs and perspective to help experience more spiritual connection. My healing system, Accunect is based on the traditional Chinese medicine precept that all disease originates from separation from the Tao/God/Universal Consciousness.

Rajan Sankaran MD (HOM)
This pandemic can be a turning point

Video content:
MD Rajan Sankaran is a homeopathic practitioner who practiced in Mumbai India for 40 years. He did write many books about homeopathic treatment and classification of remedies. Dr Sankaran says we need open-mindedness and collaboration. Homeopathy is still here after 200 years, so there must be something about it. It was tested in COVID 19 Infections in India on 100.000nd of cases. It is highly effective and should be given the opportunity to be proofed and used.”

Maddy Schafer
Breaking out of past barriers

Video content:
Through coherence, we join the field. There is unlimited opportunities for Love and Joy. Connections to the field, lead to an unravelling of our fixed attitudes which limit us. There is only honesty once you join the field.

Raphal Schildgen
Complexity simplified leads to success

Video content:
Creating success is about taking many small steps. Raphael a Success Coach and international speaker takes us through the steps to being successful. Working with an accountability partner and critically important understanding the “why” for what we are trying to achieve, we find our internal resistance to success drops day by day.

Bettina Schürer
Homeopathy and Plagues

Video content:
The opportunity of the intelligence of the virus to see a way away from violence and power exists throughout our societies. Bettina speaks about the miasma creating the systemic conditions for chronic conditions. She shows how we can move away from the old paradigms, and create a peace which allows health for the individual, our societies, and in nature. It is a time to come out and stand up for what we now understand.

John Searle
Joining People through Shared Joy

Video content:
The impact of social distancing is discussed from the context of an entire culture. Outdoor events would otherwise be making opportunities for safe direct contact with strangers. This aspect of our culture has vanished.

Dr. Thornton Streeter
Biofield and the Healthy Body

Video content:
The Human Biofield, when viewed, shows us the health issues of the body and the relationships to the subtle systems. With a full and coherent Biofield we can have confidence that our immune system will be performing in peak condition.

PhD Emiliano Toso
Translational Music – a sea of cells under a music sky

Video content:
Ph.D Emiliano Toso, cell biologist and 432 Hz composer, was born with music in his blood, although at the beginning of his career he first took another path in his life and cultivated the other great passion he has ″The Science of Life″, studying biology and going deeper and deeper into the organisms, analysing each of the cells to understand how they work and continuously create harmony, equilibrium and health in our bodies. During this period, he secretly dedicated himself to his passion for music, composing pieces of music every evening on his piano without a corset of a predefined structure, but letting them come out automatically from the emotions he felt and expressing them through his piano. Only after giving ″the best gift of his life″ to himself on his 40th birthday making a CD with some of his best compositions and sharing them with friends, he realised that this inner part of him was beneficial not only to him, but also to other people. Encouraged by Dr. Bruce Lipton, today he is solely composing music, at a frequency of 432 Hz, the language of music most similar to the language of cells, the frequency of the universe and the earth, with the intention of spreading benefit and wealth into the world. Each composition is translated into a painting by his mother and can also be visualised. His music is helpful to reduce the stress level, it strengthens the immune-system, brings us into a state of openness and love and makes our cells regenerate. It is not only used for relaxing and spiritual levels, but also in many other areas like on clinical levels, like now in the time of the Corona-Crisis in many Italian hospitals in order to fight fear, pain, anxiousness of people and also to reduce the stress-level of operating doctors. At the moment there are also international studies going on about the impact of his music on heartrate-variability, respiration, skin temperature and on cell replication.

Jasmin Walker
Politics, Media and Journalism in times of crisis

Video content:
Silver the cat shares how he is coping with the stress of the changes in the Human world. It is a story of profound overwhelm from Jasmin’s experience as well as the wider human community. The contributing experience includes things from Jasmines past as well as the fallout from the Covid experience. Jasmine details her quest to help Silver using an energetic version of a famous homeopathic remedy.

Ronald D. Whitmont
Medical Advisor to Americans for Homeopathic Choice

Video content:
Dr. Ronald Whitmont was raised in a family where homeopathy was used from the cradle to the grave. He is a second-generation homeopath and served as the president of the American institute of Homeopathy. In America homeopathy has demonstrated powerful effects in treatment of Covid 19. This means that homeopathy again shows great results in epidemics. A genius epidemicus could be identified – though geographically different -, homeopathic treatment has been very successful, but the government did not respond to the results. American Homeopaths had formal an informal discussion with the authorities on the scene, but none had response to the offer of treatment. The media and the public could not be reached, specific and general information on homeopathy faced censorship. The battle between conventional and complementary medicine is an old one, driven by money, not by well-being of the patient.

Roger van Zandvoort
Can homeopathy be used in curing in epidemics

Video content:
The well-known homeopath and author of the complete repertory Roger van Zandvoort is talking on his point view of the corona crisis. He thinks we lack reasonable evaluation and need more scientific testing and proof on the corona infection. Though homeopathy could be the perfect treatment, there are not enough well-trained homeopaths to fulfill the task. He encourages every interested doctor to learn from as many highly skilled homeopaths as possible and to develop a unique set of skills that enables to treat and cure any disease using homeopathy.