A Homeopath explores what are the reasons sitting behind the virus experience – Bettina Schürer

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A Homeopath explores what are the reasons sitting behind the virus experience – Bettina Schürer

The opportunity of the intelligence of the virus to see a way away from violence and power exists throughout our societies. Bettina speaks about the miasma creating the systemic conditions for chronic conditions. She shows how we can move away from the old paradigms, and create a peace which allows health for the individual, our societies, and in nature. It is a time to come out and stand up for what we now understand.


  • It is easier to connect with animals – for me especially horses, than it is to connect with people. I learned to connect with people later in life but only after strong connections with horses.
  • The opportunities to heal after 1945 were not taken. The new environment is taking us back to the real need to create peace based on removing the cycle of offenders and victims.
  • Since the war there have been generations of people who have learned about love from an environment made up of hate, violence and force.

Up until very recently there were no rules to protect women and children from domestic violence. This is the hang over from Hitler’s time. We see this underlying trend in the politicians too.

About Bettina Schürer

Bettina Schürer grew up in Switzerland in a doctor’s household. Even as a child, she felt very connected to animals of all kinds, she sought their closeness wherever she could. As a natural consequence, dogs and cats moved in at home. Her greatest passion was the horses, this passion determined her professional path. Bettina came across homeopathy 40 years ago as a means to provide the horses with health care. She witnessed Veterinary practitioners coming into the barn and prescribing the Homeopathic remedies. Bettina started reading homeopathic texts out of interest and then fascination and finally she completed her training as a classical homeopath for animals, because for her, only classic homeopathic treatment was convincing. Since 1984 she has been running a training and breeding stable for leisure horses in the middle of Germany. It is no surprise that five cats now choose to also live with her at the farm!

Bettina Schürer
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Aufgewachsen bin ich in der Schweiz in einem Arzthaushalt. Schon als Kind fühlte ich mich mit Tieren aller Art sehr verbunden, ich suchte ihre Nähe wo ich nur konnte. Natürlich zogen bei uns zu Hause auch Hund und Katze ein. Meine ganz große Leidenschaft galt den Pferden, welche meinen beruflichen Weg bestimmten. Schon vor 40 Jahren bin ich auf die Homöopathie gestoßen, um die Pferde gesundheitlich versorgen zu lassen. Tierheilpraktiker kamen in den Stall und verordneten Globuli Gaben. Aus Interesse und Faszination begann ich selber zu lesen und absolvierte schließlich selbst eine Ausbildung zur klassischen Homöopathin für Tiere, denn nur eine klassisch homöopathische Behandlung kann mich überzeugen. Seit 1984 betreibe ich in der Mitte Deutschlands einen Ausbildungs- und Zuchtstall für Freizeitpferde. Natürlich leben mit uns am Hof auch fünf Katzen!

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