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Roger van Zandvoort

The well-known homeopath and author of the complete repertory Roger van Zandvoort is talking on his point view of the corona crisis. He thinks we lack reasonable evaluation and need more scientific testing and proof on the corona infection. Though homeopathy could be the perfect treatment, there are not enough well-trained homeopaths to fulfil the task. He encourages every interested doctor to learn from as many highly skilled homeopaths as possible and to develop a unique set of skills that enables to treat and cure any disease using homeopathy.

  • Homeopaths could help treating corona infected patients, but they are not asked
  • The Principles of homeopathy are still valid today, 220 years after Hahnemann
  • In India there is at least one hospital that treats corona patients with homeopathic remedies
  • Homeopathy is the perfect treatment the only thing that is missing are good homeopaths, there is an artistic element to homeopathy

Vaccines are never the ultimate answer, we need to ask who profits.

Roger van Zandvoort
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Roger van Zandvoort has dedicated his life to creating the best repertory in the world. The Complete Repertory is the most used, detailed and advanced repertory, available in most languages. Software Version: Complete Dynamics.
"In the course of three decennia dreams have built up about the right homeopathic program, its seamless integration with all data in my Complete Repertory, its unmatched ease of use and elegance and more basic: about not needing to run around with books anymore. And now, it is here!!" - Roger van Zandvoort.

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