From Trauma to Resilience and Ease

Course 6:

How to heal a broken heart!

 This Akademie Course is dedicated to transforming the perception of brokenness into accepting oneself as complete and enough. Whatever or whoever may have seemed to break your heart, they have only hurt your ego, and that is actually a positive thing as it propels us towards enlightenment and reclaiming our divine origin. Your soul, essence, and consciousness were never broken and will never be. You are an eternal, divine being who simply forgot this truth. So, let’s rediscover who you truly are, what your purpose is, and forgive those who appear as „villains“ on our journey, as they only serve as catalysts for contemplation and growth. In this course, you will encounter resistance and belief systems that hinder your progress and happiness, you will learn to let go regardless of the challenges you face. Let’s dive deep into these 9 months and explore the depths of your pain, releasing and healing it once and for all.

The sessions entail the Gurdjieff model of 3 centres and further development to a 5 centre model, that allows you to gain deep knowledge on human modes of action and reaction. The new understanding of the moving centre and its connection to sexuality and social intelligence will be included, so that you are able to dive deep into the human psyche. The online sessions will be in English, on Thursday at 20:30 Vienna time zone and last for 60-90 minutes. In the lessons we will proceed in a way that ensures that nobody is left behind, though everybody is responsible for their own thriving and the thriving of the group. The course duration is 9 months. You can drop out any time. The course is limited to 6 participants.

Access: The Academy courses are a gift to our major donors. We understand the significance of donating 75-150 €/month over 12 months and are extremely grateful for it. Of course, you can also make an annual contribution of 900 € or more and request a donation receipt. No invoices will be issued for Academy courses. Your donation will be used for FutureLink projects – often for the reintegration of seriously ill stray animals into families. You can learn more through our Social Impact Newsletter. To address any further questions, please schedule an appointment with

Goal: During this course you will learn how to see the positive side in any challenge, you will learn how to accept, let go and forgive so that you are able to move on with your life and be happy again.


  • The art of letting go
  • How to forgive and forget
  • Selflove and Selfacceptance
  • I am enough 
  • The acceptance of lonelyness and sadness
  • Why is being alone so important in healing times?
  • How to say Good Bye and mean it?
  • My needs, my wishes, my dreams and my vision
  • Longing, search and addiction
  • Recognize and delete dependencies
  • Self-responsibility and sovereignty
  • How to reclaim your life
  • The different sections of life and their needs
  • HeartMath breathing and resilience techniques

When: Thursday at 20:30 pm Vienna time

Start: 2th of November 2023

Duration:  9 months

Seats: 6

Where: online on Zoom

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How to heal a broken heart!

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to love again, without fear and resentments? In the end that only depends on how much suffering you are willing to invest in being happy again. Yes, there is a lot to learn on how to let got, how to forgive and how to accept. I know you can do it, just like me. Don’t give up!

How to heal a broken heart

Thursday 20:30 – 22:00 pm, zoom, free for Futurelink supporters

The focus is on accepting that life never is against you. In fact it is playing for you, sometimes it’s just hard to see from our narrow point of view. All the challenges you face are onyl options to heal, forgive and accept. Take a try an free yourself!

Why only 6 participants?

Individual support

It is important to us not only to conduct teaching of knowledge and techniques, but also to let every participant have a say. In this course, we are here for everyone’s pain, we listen, respond empathetically, and find solutions.

Telegram Channel


In the Telegram channel, participants can connect and exchange information. Zoom links are posted here, motivational posts are shared, and any delays or scheduling issues are communicated.

Free Trial Session

Maybe we should first get to know each other before we emerge into a 9 month class full of revelations and transformations. Group sessions are not apt for all, some just need the privacy of personal sessions. For most of us, groups are key to mutual support and personal development. Let’s talk and find out what’s best for you.

Take the time to book a free online meeting via calendly and reserve 30 mins – we will meet on zoom. 

Dates and Free Days

The course starts in October and ends in June. If you are in trouble and want to start immediately, you can book personal sessions. We usually take days off during bank holidays, but continue the courses during school holidays. All courses are free to decide themselves via consent when to take time off during holidays and when to proceed.

In case you need a personal session, please book a 60 min session via calendly and transfer a donation of 55 – 75 € to the FutureLink account mentioning your name.


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