Healing relationships

Course 4:

How to heal toxic relationships!

This course is dedicated to the transformation of toxic relationships and development of self-love. Toxic relationships – relationships that poison you and keep you from thriving – are more common than you think. They are not only found between men and women, but also between parents and children, animal owners and pets, and even in yourself when your mind suppresses your needs or addiction harms your body. You will detox, recognise a poison and transform poisoning into healing, delete destructive patterns and beliefs and establish routines that make you thrive. These are the cores of this course. Courage to live your life to the fullest is deeply connected to self-care. Being good to yourself and knowing that you are enough, has nothing to do with egotism or selfishness. Self-care and self-love are the essence of the ability to love. How can you ever love somebody else, if you cannot love yourself? Life is eternal and your body is your birthright, so never ever let somebody deprive yourself from the joy of life or freedom of navigating your body.

The sessions entail the Gurdjieff model of 3 centres and further development to a 5 centre model, that allows you to gain deep knowledge on human modes of action and reaction. The new understanding of the moving centre and its connection to sexuality and social intelligence will be included, so that you are able to dive deep into the human psyche. The online sessions will be in English, on Monday at 1pm Athens time and last for 60-90 minutes. In the lessons we will proceed in a way that ensures that nobody is left behind, though everybody is responsible for their own thriving and the thriving of the group. The course duration is 6 months. You can drop out any time, but you need to make the full donation as your seat cannot be taken by another. The course is limited to 6 participants.


Exchange: 74€/month + 120€ academy fee or one time donation of 525€. You will not get an invoice or receipt. Your exchange is to donate for our Project “Leben wie Dr. Dolittle”. You can book a cost-free preliminary session via marie-anne@kannengiesser.at. There is both a German and English class at the moment, the Greek class is in its developmental stages.


Goal: During this course you will realise how you connect to others and how you deal with yourself. You will find the courage to live your life fully and to turn into a loving being no matter what. You will learn the following tools and develop these abilities:


  • Recognize physical, emotional and mental toxins
  • Body detox
  • Water and Blood – how is it connected to poison?
  • Stillness and non-demandingness 
  • Happiness and pleasure – recognize the trap
  • Longing, search and addiction
  • Recognize and delete dependencies
  • Self-responsibility and sovereignty 
  • Concern, care and self-care
  • The 5 Love Languages
  • The 9 levels of love
  • Unconditional relationship on eyesight

When: Mondays at 1 pm Athens time

Start: 9th of January 2023

Duration: 6 months

Seats: 6

Where: online on Zoom

Order via:  mail@futurelink.earth

Detox physically, emotionally and mentally!

Wouldn’t it be nice to have pairing relationships on eyesight? Finally know what love is all about and how we can approach love on a more philosophical level without dependence and suffering? Finally have self-love and self-respect again? Join the course, detox and set yourself free!

English Class

1:00 pm – 2:30 pm, zoom, 74 €/mon for members

The focus is on developing an understanding of longing, search and addiction. Together, finally start on the long path to finding self-love and self-care and establishing new and healthy routines.

Greek Class – Ελληνική τάξη

9:00 pm – 10:30 pm, Zoom, 74 €/mon for members

Currently under developement – εργασία σε εξέλιξη.

German Class – Deutschsprachiger Kurs

7:30 pm – 9:00 pm, zoom, 74 €/mon for members

Der Schwerpunkt liegt darin, Verständnis für Sehnsucht, Sucht und Suche zu schaffen und gemeinsam den langen Weg zu Selbstliebe und Selbstfürsorge zu finden und neue heilvolle Gewohnheiten zu etablieren. 

Free Trial Session

Maybe we should first get to know each other before we emerge into a 6 month class full of revelations and transformations. Group sessions are not apt for all, some just need the privacy of personal sessions. For most of us, groups are key to mutual support and personal development. Let’s talk and find out what’s best for you.

Take the time to book a free online meeting via calendly and reserve 30 mins – we will meet on zoom. 

Dates and Free Days

The course starts in January and ends in early July. If you are in trouble and want to start immediately, you can book personal sessions. We usually take days off during bank holidays, but continue the courses during school holidays. All courses are free to decide themselves via consent when to take time off and proceed.

In case you need a personal session, please book a 60 min session via calendly and transfer 74€ to the donation account mentioning your name.


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